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Every home theater owner should have ready on an instants notice a DVD with a favorite scene to demo his system. I will list some of mine and maybe my readers will send me some of theirs.

Every home theater owner should have ready on an instants notice a DVD with a favorite scene to demo his system. I will list some of mine and maybe my readers will send me some of theirs.

As you are watching DVDs on your new low budget home theater system that can still rock the house, keep an eye out for a few really juicy scenes that show off your system to your unsuspecting guests.

I think it is interesting that time you come to find out that a lot of people gravitate towards some of the same scenes. Even some scenes for some kind of obscure movies. Of course you might find some by seeing what clips they might show at a high end home theater store. Last time I saw a demo they used a scene form I-Robot. It was the scene where Will Smith is attacked by two truckloads of robots in a tunnel. Lots of bass in that scene.

I also see references to favorite scenes in magazine reviews. Some times I will go check them out just to see what they are like. Of course I tend to gravitate to scenes with lots of action and SPLOSIONS!!! It is the scenes that give your sub-woofer a good workout that will make your guests go WOW!

So here is a short list of scenes I have used. Some I still use. The first one goes back to my first pro-logic system. It is the opening credits of Back To The Future. The camera pans around the scientists lab with all the clocks ticking. The sounds pan across the screen in great detail. Of course it all builds up to Michael J. Fox cranking up the amplifier and hitting one loud note. The sound of him turning up the amp makes you wonder, "how loud is this going to go?". After the big note it pretty much goes right into a great Huey Lewis song and you get to enjoy the musicality of your prized system. If you extend a little further to the next scene in the school hall there are some great echo effects in the hallway. I wouldn't call this a great action scene but it is a good surround sound demo.

some scenes get used so often they have become cliché. Like the T-Rex scene in Jurassic Park or the pod racing scene in Phantom Menace. I suggest trying to get something less well known to hold you audiences interest.

The boat race scene from Face-Off meets and exceeds the Cheap Dave requirement for SPLOSIONS!! In that scene if it isn't made out of water it is bound to SPLODE!! This movie is actually a lot better than you might think and not everybody has seen it.

I like the airplane refueling scene form Air Force One. Nice Splosion and suspense.

Probably my favorite Demo scenes and overall DVDs is The Fifth Element. Particularly the Blue Opera singer scene. That scene has it all. It has incredible blue colors in both the singer and the background. It starts off with angelic opera singing and as the action picks up switches to a funky riff on that sound. You have ugly aliens fighting sexy aliens using Kung Fu. What more could you want? I often see this one mentioned in magazines. I don't think that many people saw it in the theaters but it is having a great life on DVD. In fact it is one of the first titles that will be released on Blu-Ray.

If you have Tivo don't and HDTV make sure to keep some HD programs on you system to show your guests that yes you can watch HD on a projector and it looks amazing. I recomment the IMAX movies from INHD. Roller coster scens so real you will puke!

So that is my short list. You can definitely impress your friends and wake your neighbors with these.

Maybe you can share some of your favorites with me.

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