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Review: Home Theater Magazines

There are several home theater magazines which one is best.

There are several home theater magazines which one is best.

Ok I don't claim to have read all of the possible audio and home theater magazines, but I have been a long time reader of Home Theater Magazine. I had a subscription form back in the days that it was called Home Theater Technology. It has changed over the years but I still really like it and look forward to getting my new issue every month.

I have looked at a few of the audiophile magazines over the years and they are just way too elite for me. they spend a whole lot of time talking about the finer points of equipment I can't even dream about. (even if I had that kind of money I wouldn't spend it on mega buck audio equipment).

Home Theater MAgazine has always been a nice mix of high end and budget systems. They know that not everyone can afford $6,000 speakers or $2,500 power conditioners. They sometimes run an insert called AV Interiors that tends to be focus don higher end systems. In fact they kind of ticked me off a couple of months ago when a reader wrote in and asked: "I have a budget of $30,000 to finish a basement into a home theater, what should I do?" and they answered "come back when you have more money". In fact it was that comment that inspired me to start this web page.

When they say they don't know what to do with $30,000, what they are actually saying (I think this question was directed towards professional installers) "I don't know how to make money on your budget". I think I can help people with a budget of $300 and up.

I just picked up a new magazine called "Media Style". It seems to be geared toward women and mainly shows how a media center can be incorporated into a stylish home. This is probably one of the biggest hurdles most guys face when puttig their system together. So I have to say I hope this magazine is successful.

I don't even read reviews of equipment that is way out of my price range. I don't want to get all excited about it. Maybe I will read about something a little expensive for me to give me ideas or explain features that will be in my price range in a year or two.

So in summary I would recommend Home Theater Magazine as a good resource while you are researching your Home Theater. But don't overlook other resources like the internet, this page, your friends etc. And probably the toughest critic, your wife.