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Confused about digital audio vs HDMI
Hi Dave, I am so confused on home theaters what I really need to know is what is the difference between digital sound and hdmi is there one Im looking toward sony I need to know if digital sound will be good enough for new lcd tw please help!!!!! Signed Confused

See my answer here -------> more →

Ask Cheap Dave - Stefan From Sweden
Heya Dave! I'm Stefan and I come from Sweden. The past 1-2 years I've got very interested in home theaters. I\'ve started to be on forums and talk with other people with the same interest. Now I've come to the point where I want my own HT! I have some problems tho.. I just turned 18 and I'm still in school and I live with my mom, hehe, which leads me to that I only have my own room in our flat. And since I'm still in school I have a low budget and can't put alot of cash into the HT. more →

Ask Cheap Dave: Stefan 2
Thanks for replying so fast. These are some great tips! Okay, you told me you would like to know if I have any equipment at the moment. I actually do. For soundsystem I have bought a THX-certified 5.1 system with a 10” subwoofer, Logitech Z-5500 Digital, with following specs: more →

Low cost system recommendation

I enjoy getting questions on this site. Here is one I recently received:

Hey Dave:

I found your review on the same TV I just bought. I wanted to know what Surround System you suggest I buy to go with this TV? I look forward to your reply and thank you!

I responded:

I am glad you found my site. I have a lot of general advice on Home theater stuff. Particularly how to get the most bang for your buck. So check out my articles. But to answer your question I will have to ask you some questions. What is your price range? Are you mainly going to watch movies or TV? What other components do you have (receiver, subwoofer etc.)

I look forward to your reply

Whatever you do, don't run out and buy a Bose system.

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