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The Home Theater Experience

There is more to creating the "Home Theater Experience" than just picture and sound.

There is more to creating the "Home Theater Experience" than just picture and sound.

Of course it starts with the idea of creating the movie theater experience at home. but is that really what you want to do? The crowds, the talking, the cell phones. Even issues of picture quality. Have you aver really looked hard at the image at a movie theater. If you are watching a film based movie there are tons of flaws in the print even on opening weekend. If you had that amount of defects in your home picture you would not be happy about it. The sound is generally good but you can't turn it up or down. And the food is a tad on the expensive side.

So you don't really want to replicate the movie theater experience at home. Instead you want to take the best parts of that experience and add in the things that are unique to being in your own home.

For us that inlcudes having places for our two dachshunds to curl up. It also means things like having four recliners but leaving the armrest out of the middle two so that it is like a love seat. That extra time to be close to each other is important to us. And a place to watch movies without distractions is a real treat.

But don't forget the best part of the movie theater, the big picture. The big picture envelops you and pulls you into the story and drama of a movie. And the big sound adds emotion and power. Personally I think the only way to get that is with a projector. Plasma and LCD TVs are nice but I have never seen one that I would call a theater experience. Particularly since there are projectors available that will match these sets in performance for half the money.

You know what doesn't add to the experience? Motorized screens, expensive racks full of expensive equipment connected with expensive wire. I will level with you I make kind of an average to above average salary. I could afford more expensive gear if I sacrificed elsewhere. But realistically I would have to make a lot more money before I would spend it frivolously just to impress people. Really when the lights go down all that other stuff is instantly forgotten.

So my main criteria in writing about home theater is, does it add to the experience? If it doesn't add anything in a tangible way it won't get the Cheap Dave approval.

BTW I am not selling anything (other than the ads on my site, please click them to help pay for the bandwidth). Most of the other home theater advice you will find will come from somebody who in someway stands to profit from that advice.

So this and the Cheap Dave philosophy should give you a good idea of where I am coming from. I hope you enjoy my articles and reviews. Please feel free to comment or ask questions.

I don't expect everybody to agree with me but I will always try to give you the Cheap Dave way to get a convincing home theater experience for a reasonable amount of money.